Rodner Figueroa

Timeless, Effortless Style.

RODNER FIGUEROA is a fashion label specialized in a creating feminine silhouettes that are comfortable, elegant, sophisticated and easy to wear. The ethos of the brand is to create garments that make every woman feel beautiful and sophisticated with timeless, effortless style.

Rodner Figueroa has been part of the fashion world for more than two decades as a fashion journalist covering endless shows in the United States, Europe and Latin America. All the while, making close friendships with acclaimed fashion designers from whom he learned the insides of the business. His love for fashion began at an early age growing up in Caracas, Venezuela in a household full of stylish women that nurture his taste for style.

As a Television Entertainment News Personality for NBC/Universal Telemundo Network and with a career in television that spans over 25 years, Rodner Figueroa has become a staple of the red carpet of the most important and prestigious award shows in Spanish, such as Latin Billboard Awards, The Latin American Music Awards and The Latin Grammy among others. This renowned television personality and fashionista, made history becoming the winner of the first national Emmy award for Best Television Host in Spanish in 2014.

With an impressive Social Media following and devoted fans that encouraged him to design a clothing line, Rodner along with his partner Ernesto Mathies, embarked on this venture with careful emphasis on style. Designed in Miami and manufactured in El Salvador, Rodner and Ernesto firmly believe in supporting the craftsmanship and the talent of the region to manufacture. Thus, bringing attention to the fashion industry in investing and sourcing in the Central American country.

Made with mostly natural fabrics, soft to the touch and rich in texture, his eponymous line was created in direct response to his beloved fans request. This capsule collection was conceived as a tribute to her late mother, Eucaris Rigual, who passed in early 2020. All the pieces in the collection bring a story that expresses the influence of his mother style on him and his designs. This clothing is meant to be timeless and treasured, just like the essence of his mother's style.